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No Life Sentences for Dyslexics, Please!

by David Morgan | 25 April 2019

It’s a hidden tragedy, on a ghastly groundhog loop. Really…!

You see, every day, bright young children are taken to a specialist and told something like: “Yes, it seems you are dyslexic and that is why you cannot read like your friends. We must organise your life around that reality now. There is no point in fighting it.”

We can categorically state that is not correct.

Some of the brightest children

Most dyslexics are extremely bright. When they say they want to become a doctor, or a writer, or a scientist, they probably can do all of those things, once they have cracked reading. And we find that they can all learn to read with the right guidance.

I understand that people say these negative things because they think they are true. So it is our job to challenge them to think again.

Of course, even before they leave school, the non-reading dyslexic faces years of tough times. It is no fun to be sitting in class after class feeling full of stress, because you are struggling to follow the text.

The new solutions for dyslexics

We have been studying reading difficulty for twenty years and we have mapped out the nine main causes of difficulty. This is all evidence-based, with a foundation in neurological research and confirmed through practical, tested outcomes.

You will find the information on those nine main causes of difficulty and their specific solutions across this site, plus free resources to help any child with.

You can also buy our new book on Amazon: The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty. It brings it all together in one place. Can you help us by sharing this page, if you know people who are looking for solutions rather than labels?

David Morgan has an honours degree in mechanical engineering and a masters degree in education. David was a founding trustee of The Shannon Trust, started David Morgan Education, launched Helping Children to Read and invented pictophonics. In his spare time he likes to ski, sail and walk the hills.

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