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Is your child guessing at short, easy words, despite months or even years of reading practice?

A bright child will often use their strong visual memory to sight-read whole words. That leads to a lot of confusion with short, interchangeable words, like this, that, then, there… So you will see errors with those little words, even though longer words are sometimes read correctly.

But here’s the good news: trainertext is an easy solution to guessing. You can get clear progress in just 60-90 days, even after years of frustration. We guarantee it. Check out our free trial of the Easyread System to get started.

How we put an end to guessing

Your child is sight-reading whole words. Once we switch that over to decoding letter patterns to sounds, things will drop into place. We make that process much easier by using trainertext.

Trainertext uses memorable characters to represent the different sounds, or phonemes, in the English language. These characters appear above letters to help children sound out words.

Try the online Easyread System for FREE

We want you to see firsthand how fun and easy learning to read can be. That’s why we offer ten free Easyread lessons so you can try our no-stress approach to overcoming reading struggles for your learners ages 6+. Or, click to explore more about WHY your child is guessing and the best way to fix it.

Free Trainertext Resources

Including printables, workbooks, flashcards, online games, and more.

Help for Struggling Readers

Struggling readers gained an average of 2 years in reading age in an academic trial of Easyread.

Help for Beginner Readers

Advice for teaching your 3-5 year old to read, plus news about our new free learn-to-read app.

Reading Difficulty Symptom Checker

Explore the main symptoms of the 9 causes of reading difficulty (guessing/skipping words, weak blending, etc.), and how to fix them

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