Trainertext Visual Phonics

Trainertext is the best way to teach a child to read — because it teaches reading the way the brain likes to learn.

Right now, 1 in 5 children leave school failing a basic literacy test. This has devastating effects on the rest of their lives.

Unlike other methods, trainertext can help children overcome reading struggles. It gets to the root of the way the brain wants to learn. It is visual, fun, and skills-based.


Trainertext harnesses the brain’s natural visual strengths to make reading practice feel easy.

Each image (called a pictophone) represents a sound in the English language. For example, the Toad About to Explode represents the /t/ sound. Here is an example of three similar words with very different sounds in them (that should all follow the magic E rule but don’t!):

By using the pictophones combined with text to make trainertext, a new reader can easily decode the varying O sounds in each of these three common words.


The pictophones are irresistible to children and easy to learn. And by mixing book reading and games, you can easily keep your child engaged with the learning process by making it exciting and fun. Rote practice is the death of learning. No reading battles allowed!


Reading is a subconscious skill, like riding a bike – and that’s how we teach it. Trainertext does not use unreliable phonics rules or sight words.

Instead, when children use trainertext to practice decoding, their subconscious memory system quickly maps the letter patterns and sounds in different words. After 2-3 months of short daily practice with trainertext, big changes fall into place.


Trainertext has been proven over the past 10 years of helping struggling readers with the online Easyread intervention, in addition to an independent academic trial where strugglers gained an average of 2 years in reading age in under 6 months of lessons. Do you want to see the trainertext difference for yourself for your struggling reader?

You can explore the free resources on this site, or test out Easyread for 10-free lessons specifically designed for strugglers age 6+.

Have you seen your child guessing words? Is frustration growing?

You have to pinpoint the root cause of difficulty before you can apply the right solution. Discover why children guess and the best thing to do about it.

Free Trainertext Resources

Workbooks, manuals, coloring sheets, flashcards… oh my!

Free Easyread Intervention Trial

Test 10 lessons free, including an assessment with a reading specialist. For strugglers ages 6+

Research Results

Strugglers gained an average of 2 years in reading age in an academic trial. See full results on the Easyread website.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what parents, teachers, kids, and the press at large have to say about Trainertext + Easyread

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