Pictophonics Resources

Printable activities

Worksheets, colouring sheets and entire workbooks that you can print for free – designed to help children learn their pictophones and start using them to decode!

Free online educational games

Irresistibly fun games for building pictophone knowledge, decoding skills and eye tracking strength.

The 9 main causes of reading difficulty

Take our free symptom checker assessment, read through the common patterns of reading difficulty (guessing, skipping words, weak blending, poor working memory, fluency issues and more), and apply the right solution

Free 10-lesson trial of the Easyread intervention for struggling readers age 6+

You can try 10 lessons of the Easyread intervention which includes 10 online lessons, an assessment by a reading specialist, and rewards for your child. An academic trial of Easyread showed 2 years of reading gain in 120 lessons.

Articles about education and literacy

Check out our article library with information about dyslexia myths, solutions for reading difficulty, how to identify struggling reader patterns, and more.


Key Articles

The Early Warning Signs of Reading Difficulty

Most parents and most teachers share this view that literacy is what matters most. But what can you do when you find that your child is still struggling to read, despite hard work? How can you advocate for your child’s reading?

The Single Best Trick to Boost Reading Fluency

It is so simple that you might already be teaching this way, without realizing. Or maybe reading this will cause an aha moment! Whether you have an early reader or a struggler, there is one trick that you have to try to promote this essential skill.

What Is Dyslexia? And What Can You Do About It?

If a child is struggling with dyslexia, he or she isn’t alone. An estimated 6 to 10 percent of today’s students face this learning challenge. Dyslexics are often exceptionally bright children, with incredible potential.

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