The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty

To help someone with reading frustrations, you have to find the cause of their difficulty first.

For instance, have you seen a lot of guessing with short, common words?

It is the key symptom of the #1 cause of difficulty (especially for really bright children), that we list in our book The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty.  Most guessers are actually whole word sight reading, instead of decoding letter patterns into sounds.

But there are other symptom patterns too! Unless you tackle the right issue for an individual child, you can waste a lot of time on the wrong solution.

Does your child match any of these patterns?

1. Guessing short words and poor spelling

Bright, visual learners are often in this group. It can be very quick to fix. Read more…

2. Skipping words and lines of text

Some children will skip words or lines, lose their place and complain of fatigue when reading. The right eye exercises can fix this in days. Read more…

3. Rising frustration and/or tantrums

Stress patterns can cause reading difficulty! Look for meltdowns when reading, reading refusal, or avoidance tactics. Read more…

4. Struggling to blend sounds into words

Blending difficulty, even with short words and after practice, is a possible sign of some weakness in how the brain processes sound. Read more…

To discover the other main causes of reading difficulty, buy the book!

Our bestselling book is packed with information on how to help children showing different kinds of reading patterns. Each section describes what is happening in the brain, what it looks like in real-life symptoms, and how to fix it.

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Our free symptom checker will help you run a quick assessment on your learner. Then refer to the main patterns above once you have your results to find out how to resolve each difficulty. Or, for more detail, you can buy our book! Click below to learn more about it…

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