The Easyread System

Easyread is the only reading system with expert support for each learner and guaranteed results.

If you have seen your child frustrated and struggling for months, then it is time to try something new.

From day 1 on the Easyread System you will start to see that stress fading away for both of you. If your child is nearby, you can test the first lesson together right now:

Ten Lesson Free Trial

If the sample lesson went well, set up your free trial account and see what the next nine lessons are like:

Evidence for Easyread success

When you look through the sort of life-changing testimonials and reviews we get for the Easyread System and the unconditional guarantee of success we give, there is really only one reason I can think of for not going for it: there is a cost. Though less costly than a reading tutor, Easyread is not one of the cheap one-size-fits-all apps. Tailored input and attention is provided through coaching over the phone/email from your Easyread Literacy Expert.

We are totally confident that we offer the fastest, easiest and most effective way to get a child reading.

When you look through the testimonials and reviews, you’ll see that children love the system and parents love watching their children learn to read. You really have nothing to lose, either. If you feel it hasn’t had a clear impact after 90 lessons, we will give you a refund. If it does work, your child gains everything. We often have children who have been struggling before Easyread and then end up in the top reading group in their class.

Not Sure? Worries?

This is a crucial decision. It will determine your child’s future and we are here to help you with it as best we can. We know it can all seem pretty confusing. Check the common concerns below or get in touch with any question.

Click the most important issue, worry or question for you below:
I want a system that adapts to my child
Yes, our software will adapt to your child and go at the appropriate pace.

In addition, our expert team will be regularly checking that we have covered all the bases and that you are getting the quickest result. Your Easyread Advisor guides you through with phone and email interaction – even Skype lessons with your child if needed occasionally.

Spelling is my big worry, not reading
Yes, we have lots of children go through the system with “at grade level” reading, but consistently poor spelling in their free writing. They can sometimes do well in a spelling test, but still mess up those same words a week or two later in a piece of writing. It is like pushing water up a hill.

Well, the first thing is that these children are normally very bright and although their reading is at grade level, it is well below their potential. They should be at the top of the class. They usually have an exceptional visual memory and have used it to store lots of words graphically.

However, if you listen carefully to their reading, you will actually see surprising little errors and guesses with quite simple words like this, that, then, there, those. That is because the short words all look quite similar.

If you are seeing that, it is good news because we can then change how your child is reading and that will then allow the spelling to drop into place with no more tedious spelling lists!

If you are really seeing no errors at all in your child’s reading, then we cannot help.

I have been told "it will work out fine with a bit more practice"
Yes, that is possible, but just not very likely. You are clearly worried for your child, so I will just tell you the bald truth on this.

The data shows that most of the children struggling at 7 are struggling at 9 and struggling at 11. Then virtually all of the ones who are struggling at 11 end up leaving school some years later, after a horrendous time at senior/secondary school (where you are reading to learn rather than learning to read), with no qualifications and continued weak literacy. It shuts down 90% of their options in life and usually leaves them emotionally scarred.

So, if you take just one thing away from this website, it should be that just “hoping it will all work out” is a very dangerous path to take for your child’s future. Please do not take it.

I want personal expert support for me and my child
Yes, you will be working with one of our literacy experts to get each stage of the process right.

If you ever have a question or a worry you can send us a message, book a call or just ring us up! We are here to help all the way and the team here know more about getting results for every child than anyone on the planet. They are literally the best, according to the research done.

I need a more convenient solution than going to a tutor
Yes, going to a tutor is often quite a hassle. With Easyread you just log in for fifteen minutes each day from any computer. It could not really be easier.

That is also a much better length of lesson than 45 minutes for your child. And with a tutor you are left having to do the lesson unaided on the other 6 days. Easyread is there for you every day.

I want a research-based system that is neurologically designed for quick results
Yes, Easyread uses the very latest neurological understanding of learning to read. In this sense it is quite different to many of the other options out there.

The most respected tutoring process is the Orton Gillingham approach. It was designed nearly 100 years ago and gets very mixed results. The research evidence supporting it is very weak. But thousands of tutors have been trained in OG, Barton or Wilson and so you will here lots of people offended at that suggestion!

We know a lot more now neurologically, and with computer interactive gaming we have the option of making reading practice fun too.

I want guaranteed results, with no financial risk
Yes, you can waste a lot of money on helping your child, but not with Easyread.

We give you a free trial followed by an unconditional guarantee that you will be happy with the changes you are seeing between lessons 60 and 90 or your money back. It is unconditional and so it is your choice as to whether you feel that you have seen real change.

No other system with this level of support and input offers a guarantee like ours.

I need to manage costs
We wish we could deliver all of this support for free, but the team here do need to be paid. Compared to the many alternatives Easyread is really a lot less expensive.

Easryead is a little under the cost of a weekly tutor, but with the added benefit of much quicker results, making it cheaper.

And those results are guaranteed. You are unlikely to find any tutor who will guarantee the result you see, because their results are too mixed.

I want the best support money can buy
Yes, that is what you will get.

If you check our reviews, the research done on our results and the guarantee we give, there is nobody else who can touch the system we run or the quality of attention and support you will get. It is unmatched.

A happy child is my top priority
Yes, we believe that making your child happy and relaxed while doing the lessons is essential because it gets the best results.

When a child is stressed and anxious it is very hard to get good progress with a task like reading. In just the first ten lessons you will see how much we try to remove the stress and worry your child might be feeling today. Parents often comment on how they have “got their child back”.

The good news for you is that any fights of reading practice will go away. Children often ask to do the lessons.

I need reduced worry for me
Yes, we are confident that when you read through the thinking behind TVP and Easyread it will make sense. Then, as you start doing the lessons you will see your child start to relax and engage with the text in a different way. Then you will start to see your child reaching the benchmarks we set for the journey. Those are:

  1. Being more relaxed and confident from Day 1
  2. Growing fluency with decoding in the lessons by Lesson 30
  3. A surge of reading confidence outside the lessons between Lessons 60 and 90
  4. Steadily growing reading accuracy and fluency after Lesson 90
  5. Clear improvement to your child’s spelling accuracy by Lesson 150

Of course you can stop at any stage, if you feel the essential aim has been achieved.

I want my child to love reading
Yes, we agree that the more you love reading the more you will read. And the more you read, the quicker your intellect will mature. There are two elements to growing to love reading:

  1. It must be easy to read text accurately with good comprehension
  2. You must have access to text that you want to read

We can deliver part 1, guaranteed. Part 2 will depend a bit more on you and your child, and finding the right material that really sparks their imagination.

I need something I can cancel any time
Yes, we hate small print as much as you! You can cancel at any time. There is no commitment.
I want to speak to someone local who has done the system
Yes, we are happy to put you in touch with someone nearby who has put their child through the system, pretty much wherever you are.

We have had thousands and thousands of children go through Easyread all around the world.

I want to be able to share the lessons with other adults
Yes, you can add other adults to your account. They are welcome to do the lessons with your child, so long as they do the training to understand how to do that properly.

Other questions?

If you have any other worries or questions, do not hesitate to call or send us an email:

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