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Don’t take our word for it – see what real parents + teachers + researchers have to say about trainertext visual phonics.

Facebook Reviews

We are very proud of our personal reviews from parents and teachers that have used our TVP systems:

Governmental Reviews

UK Government: Trainertext visual phonics as seen in the Easyread system received one of the strongest recommendations in a British government educational review of literacy interventions. Find the report on page 165.

Academic Research

Messer, D., and Nash, G. (2017) “An evaluation of the effectiveness of a computer-assisted reading intervention.” Journal of Research in Reading, doi: 10.1111/1467-9817.12107

The What Works book commissioned by the Dyslexia-SpLD Trust gave Easyread the highest possible rating (see page 45).

Press Reviews + Mentions

Research Features magazine article, “The Trainertext Method: A visual track to literacy”: Research Features

Rebecca Abrams, journalist for the Daily Telegraph (UK) : “Highly effective and deceptively simple, Easyread succeeds in making learning to read fun”

SEN Magazine, the UK’s leading special ed publication: “At the forefront of this approach is Easyread with a program which takes the reading strengths and abilities of children and uses these to help guide them through the synthetic phonics path”

My Child magazine: “The result is a new approach that has been helping almost any child learn to read more easily with a short, fun lesson on the computer each day.”

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