The Easyread Visual PHonics program

Is your child guessing words? Skipping words? Reading a word fine on one page but not the next?

It can be so frustrating when a child shows these patterns… especially when you feel like you have tried everything. Well, there’s good news, and bad news.

Bad news: Just doing more of the same stressful reading practice isn’t going to make a difference.

Good news: Struggling readers can learn to read without tears or battles. You just have to teach them the way their brain wants to learn.

Visual phonics: designed for the visual-learner brain

Easyread uses trainertext visual phonics to teach guessers how to stop sight-reading words and start decoding, or sounding them out. It is the only visual phonics of its kind in the world. Even those pesky highly irregular words feel easy to kids, often after years of difficulty (and let’s face it, this is English… there are lots of irregular words!)

Each character represents a single phonetic sound (not a letter)

Learners gained 2 years in reading age, in an independent trial

An academic trial, shortlisted for research excellence, found that children who were an average of 2 years behind in reading, caught up to expectation after 120 Easyread lessons (4-6 months).

Get a free trial, a baseline assessment with a reading specialist, and 50% off your first monthly enrollment fee

Coffee + Crumbs listeners are eligible for 50% off your first monthly enrollment fee, worth about $100. That is on top of the free 10-lesson trial, and baseline assessment with a reading specialist who will help pinpoint the why your child is struggling. Just mention that you heard about us through Coffee + Crumbs when it is time to enroll, and we will apply the discount. Start by creating your free trial account below (no credit card details required)… and get ready to start your journey towards reading breakthrough!

Our Parents Say…

Kallie has really benefited from using Easyread such that she now WANTS to read and has started reading by herself whenever she can. This is a huge improvement from where she was when we started. We would definitely recommend you to any one else whose child is having difficulties. - Karen, Easyread parent

I just had parent teacher conference and his teacher had his reading tests from when he started 2nd grade. He was at a kindergarten level. Right now he is almost to 3rd grade level. He was very excited to show me his progress because he knows how hard Tanner works at home on his reading. You all have been a lifesaver for us! Barbara, Easyread parent

Hugo’s reading is going really well. Now he will also read out something on a newspaper or a sign out and about and then look at us and say “Did I just read that? I didn’t even think about it. Wow! is that what it’s like when you read? No wonder you find it so easy!” - Clare, Easyread parent

His teacher just told us his latest test results which were 106 for math and a whopping 118 for reading. I was in shock when the teacher told me. I asked her for his results from the beginning of the year: math 95 and reading 91! What a leap upwards. Luca said he thought he didn’t do all that well in the test because it felt quite easy! Easyread, indeed! I am so grateful. I was quite worried about him at the beginning of the year but now I don’t feel I have to. Maria, Easyread parent

Meet Easyread’s Founder

David Morgan has a BA in mechanical engineering and a Masters in education. David was a founding trustee of The Shannon Trust, started David Morgan Education, and launched Helping Children to Read . He struggled to learn to read himself, and when his two sons had the same issues 2 decades later, he invented trainertext visual phonics (TVP) to help them and in turn thousands of children around the globe. In his spare time he likes to ski, sail and walk the hills.

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