pictophonics Printables

Trainertext Workbook for School or Home Use

Our 8 workbooks introduce each of the pictophones, and include practice phonics exercises, word lists, and colo(u)ring pages! Click on the image to download. *Note compatible with the Easyread System*

Pictophones Printables

Activities for Kids

Verbal Games + Teaching Manual

These simple games are designed for children aged 3 and up. The help develop strong phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting, rhyming, and auditory processing skills. Or download the TVP manual to teach your child to read in a more structured way. Also be sure to check out the TVP card set, which comes with suggested phonics games in the deck.

Looking for a more structured approach, with support from a reading specialist?

You can get a free 10-lesson trial of the Easyread visual phonics system. Your child will love it… it is games-based and offers short, structured sessions to teach decoding skills and build fluency, comprehension, and reading speed.

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