The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty

Is your child guessing words? Skipping words? Reading a word fine on one page but not the next?

It can be so frustrating when a child shows these patterns… especially when you feel like you have tried everything. Well, there’s good news, and bad news.

Bad news: just doing more of the same stressful reading practice isn’t going to make a difference.

Good news: Struggling readers can learn to read (without tears or battles). You just have to pinpoint the underlying cause of difficulty so you can apply the right solution.

Discover why your child is struggling

Our Amazon bestseller covers the actual causes of reading difficulty (like whole word sight-reading, eye-tracking issues, weak working memory, and more). Discover how each cause is triggered in the brain, how to identify it, and how to fix it. Helpful symptom lists, free resources, and worksheet examples are included.

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Our Readers Say…

The book discusses the 9 main causes of reading difficulties, and the science behind it, but in language that the average person can understand. Not only does it pinpoint the difficulties, but includes the solutions. This is the book I wish we had years ago!!! It is only when these solutions were applied did she begin to read.
Dawn C. (Amazon reviewer)

Great book to give an overview of lots of different issues which may be affecting your struggling reader. Very often schools are reluctant to try new things or don’t want to hear about new techniques or WHY children aren’t reading well. Parents who want to take the bull by the horns, this book would be a worthy read to start your journey.
Joanne (Amazon reviewer)

This is a brilliant book: clearly laid out and underpinned by both science and empirical testing. I’ve watched my own son be transformed by these methods, and I can’t state strongly enough that the transformation has given him excellent reading abilities (where all other main approaches had failed). The one thing the book doesn’t quite capture is how fun they make it! I’ve gone from watching my child cry while trying to read, to having him beg to be allowed to do more. Highly, highly recommend… Mo (Amazon reviewer)

This is a very concise book, yet it covers a lot. It is all very fascinating how the brain works! I love it!! Every elementary teacher should read this, to help them when working with young students. Especially those that don’t automatically begin reading, but are brilliant none the less. S.G. (Amazon reviewer)

Meet the Authors

David Morgan has an honours degree in mechanical engineering and a masters degree in education. David was a founding trustee of The Shannon Trust, started David Morgan Education, launched Helping Children to Read and invented pictophonics. In his spare time he likes to ski, sail and walk the hills.

Sarah Forrest is an Advisor for David Morgan Education, and contributor at Helping Children to Read. After studying Spanish literature at Yale University, she worked at Easyread HQ in Oxford, England for 4 years. She now lives in the sunny south of the United States with her two children, where she loves coaching parent and children through pictophonics.

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